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7 Reasons Why People Love D.C.'s Chevy Chase Neighborhood


Explore what makes this friendly D.C. neighborhood so special

Chevy Chase is the neighborhood in D.C. that everyone is talking about. It’s a leafy, tree-lined enclave in northwest Washington that is often referred to as a “suburb-in-the-city.” The community connection here runs deep and it’s quieter than other parts of the city—but make no mistake—its residents still pride themselves on urban city living. 

The 20th-century homes are beautiful and the lawns are well-tended, which makes for an exquisitely-relaxed vibe. The area is composed of people from all walks of life, from couples looking to raise a family to young professionals to retirees. As well, the neighborhood isn’t too far from Bethesda and downtown Washington, D.C., where many people go to work and where our country’s most historic monuments stand tall. There’s a reason why Redfin rated Chevy Chase as one of the hottest neighborhoods in the country a few years back—here, you’ll find a wide array of recreational activities and parks, playgrounds, bookstores, cafés, and corner stores. In Chevy Chase, get ready for a laid-back lifestyle amidst the excitement of a busy city. Here are just a few reasons why so many people love living in this area.

Interesting History 

The quiet and green neighborhood of Chevy Chase, D.C. is over 110 years old. Up until 1886, what used to be pastoral farmland was transformed into a gorgeous neighborhood with quaint and charming homes that are perfect for raising families. In 1907, Chevy Chase officially became a town, and it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away from one of the area’s first silent movie theaters (Avalon Theatre, which is now a historic landmark)! The architecture is famous and so are the streets, which used to have streetcars.

Excellent Schools

The local schools are one of the reasons why so many families are drawn to Chevy Chase. In fact, it’s why most professionals choose to live here; they take comfort knowing that their children have the opportunity to attend some of the best and safest schools in the area. Chevy Chase is served by the District of Columbia Public Schools District, which includes the highly-regarded Lafayette and Murch Elementary Schools, Alice Deal Junior High School, and Woodrow Wilson High School. Private schools located in Chevy Chase include St. John's College High School and Blessed Sacrament School.

Beautiful Homes

In Chevy Chase, architecture is valued and adored. What makes the area so unique is its variety of styles and its mix of eclectic and classic structures, where almost all of the buildings have been built in the early 1900s. There are some condominium buildings throughout the neighborhood, but the majority of residences are charming early 20th-century single-family homes (which is a big reason why people choose to move to the neighborhood). The houses are quaint in size, but much bigger than most—especially when compared to other homes in and around the District. 

The houses here were built in the styles of pre-World War II brick Colonials and Dutch Colonials, front-porch bungalows, Tudors, Victorians, Cape Cods, and four square homes. The layouts of the homes are quirky and beloved, which is nice because while there is a consistency across the look of the neighborhoods, each home is one-of-a-kind. To top it all off, you’ll find that just about every home has groomed gardens and green lawns (that don’t require too much maintenance because of the small lot sizes). In some homes, you’ll even find wooded backyards (up against Rock Creek Park) with patios and decks—another rarity in the city. 

Curb Appeal

This suburban haven is immaculately-maintained. The sidewalks are clean, the streets are tree-lined, and the homes are often surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens and flowered walkways.


The community is well-known for being friendly, cheery, and culturally and politically engaged. Chevy Chasers adore their neighborhood’s suburban, small-town feel, and because of their close proximity to other neighbors, they are constantly looking out for one another. It’s a quiet and calm area, and noise is rarely an issue. Residents here are usually longtime ones; when people move to Chevy Chase, they come to plant roots. The community is composed of government employees, workers in international organizations, writers, and more. It is a wonderful place to raise a family, where children play in the streets and families attend the many community events. The area’s generational mix provides layers of life and perspective, keeping things fresh and community-oriented. 

Small-Town Shopping

Connecticut Avenue, the beloved strip of shops that bisects Chevy Chase, is lovingly known to locals as "the Avenue.” About a mile away from the heart of the neighborhood, many residents will put on their walking and running shoes and head down to the quaint area to grab groceries (Magruders Supermarket has been in town forever) or explore the shops. It’s considered the small town’s commercial and entertainment center, with three-blocks of cafés, restaurants, cocktail bars, grills, and piano lounges lining the street. It consists almost entirely of local businesses, with loyal followings that cater to the residents in the area. 

For bigger stores and bigger name brands, Chevy Chasers like to take advantage of Friendship Heights. This popular shopping district has malls, boutique stores, and restaurants located just two and a half miles from Connecticut Avenue. Friendship Heights has been called the “East Coast version of the famed, California-based Rodeo Drive.” Here, you’ll find big-name fashion outlets, chic shops, and department stores. The National 4-H Conference Center is also nearby, with over 40,000 square feet of meeting space and 41 rooms.


Chevy Chase grants speedy access to Bethesda, which is home to prominent research centers like the National Institutes of Health, National Naval Medical Center, and National Library of Medicine. It also provides an easy commute to downtown Washington by bus or by Metro on the red line, although many residents choose to drive when going shopping or seeking recreation beyond the neighborhood limits. A number of residents also enjoy biking or walking to where they need to go. Chevy Chase is the perfect suburban oasis set away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with close proximity and unmatched access to it all.

In Conclusion...

If you are looking to make the move to the Chevy Chase area so you can experience all the beautiful things the community has to offer, contact us today. We would love to assist you in finding Chevy Chase real estate, Bethesda real estate, Silver Spring real estate, or other houses for sale in Capitol Hill, D.C.

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